About me

Meet Lopamudra, a woman whose journey from the IT industry to becoming a fitness coach is a true inspiration. Armed with a Masters in Statistics, Lopamudra once thrived in the intricate world of IT, but her real flame burned for fitness.
Transitioning from a corporate techie to a fitness mentor, Lopamudra’s transformation is awe-inspiring. Driven by determination, she left her comfortable life in the USA to dive headfirst into health and wellness, leveraging her tech background.
Motherhood and relocating unveiled her purpose. Lopamudra understood the challenges women face, lost in their roles as professionals, mothers, and wives, often neglecting their health. Like unraveling complex code, she decoded the human body, tailoring fitness programs. Her meticulousness ensures home exercises match gym workouts in efficacy. Her fitness formula is simple: KIS (Keep It Simple). Certified by NASM and INFS India, she empowers women further.
Lopamudra’s genuine care radiates. Recognizing transformation involves mental strength, she fosters a safe space for clients to share. She’s a confidante, offering unwavering support and gentle pushes.
Her personal journey underscores her dedication, inspiring others. Lopamudra’s belief in fitness drives her to unlock potential. She’s recognized with awards like “India Achievers Award 2021” and “Women Excellence Awards 2023.”
From IT to fitness, Lopamudra’s story resonates – with passion, we craft our narratives. She stands tall, exemplifying courage. Hers is a story of rewriting dreams into reality.